The Impact Living-Learning Center Scholarship provides additional financial aid to incoming freshmen that are accepted to the Impact LLC. Each year we award forty (40) $3,000 needs-based scholarships to incoming students of all majors who live in the LLC.

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All incoming freshmen Impact LLC residents who have financial need are encouraged to apply to receive the Impact LLC scholarship.  To be eligible, students must have completed the FAFSA and CSS Profile, received approval through the housing application to live in the Impact LLC, and submitted the Impact LLC scholarship application. The Financial Aid Office will review each student’s need level based on his or her completed FAFSA and CSS Profile. A limited number of scholarships will girls1be awarded to incoming freshman students that have been selected and approved to live in the Impact Living-Learning Center. Scholarships will be awarded based on financial need and application materials. To receive the Impact LLC scholarship, students should accept their scholarship offer and live in the Impact LLC for their first year at Baylor University. Students do not need to have a major in the School of Education to be eligible for the Impact LLC Scholarship.

The scholarship will accompany Impact LLC students during their time at Baylor, as long as they maintain their involvement in Impact LLC scholarship-approved leadership activities, demonstrate a continued financial need after filing the annual FAFSA, and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better.

Please note: All Baylor need-based scholarships are awarded to students with demonstrated financial need as determined by university data and required filings of these: 


The maximum award is $3,000.00 for the academic year ($1,500.00 per semester). Students may continue to receive the Impact LLC scholarship for up to 8 semesters.


Impact LLC scholarship offers are contingent upon the recipient living in the Impact LLC in South Russell hall. If the recipient fails to select a bed assignment in the Impact LLC, or moves out of the LLC, the scholarship will be removed from your financial aid package and student account. 

In addition to living in South Russell your freshmen year, Impact LLC scholarship recipients also commit to serving as an iLeader. In this role, you will become intentionally involved in programming and have opportunities to earn rewards for your attendance at events and participation in activities the Impact LLC hosts and endorses. Our commitment to you: the iLeader role will be very flexible, and will fit with the schedule of all incoming Baylor freshmen. The program exists to bolster your success at Baylor University! More information on the iLeader program can be found here on our website.

By accepting the Impact LLC scholarship, you agree to the terms of all Student Engagement Scholarships found here.


Scholarships will be offered in May after the application deadline to select your own room has passed. At that time, the Impact LLC Scholarship Committee will contact students concerning their eligibility. Students must have been accepted to Baylor and ranked the Impact LLC as their first choice in the housing application in order to be eligible. Scholarships will continue to be offered throughout the summer until they are no longer available.

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