What is a Living-Learning Center?

A living-learning center (LLC) is a community often centered around a specific topic of interest. Although LLCs can vary depending on program or institution, most share a few defining characteristics. Namely, students (1) live together on campus, (2) take part in a shared academic endeavor, (3) use resources in their residence environment specifically designed for them, and (4) engage in structured social activities in their residential environment that also emphasize academics (Inkelas et al., 2006). The primary goal of LLCs is to foster a community of learners and help students develop smaller communities within the larger whole of their campus. With an array of programs and events, an LLC is able to better engage with the residents and create a close-knit community.

About the Impact Living-Learning Center

The Impact Living-Learning Center was founded by the School of Education in 2015. The mission of our LLC is to be a communal group of learners that embrace growth, enrich community, and engage challenges in order to leave a positive and lasting IMPACT on our world.

We accomplish this mission through persistent effort toward the following participation goals:

Build Leadership Skills

The world needs leaders and we seek to develop some of the best from the start. We encourage every student in the Impact LLC to volunteer in service to our community. In doing so, we impact one another and the world!

Enhance Critical Thinking

Impact is home to state-of-the-art technology and study spaces. Our community members have exclusive access to a 3D printer, color printer, and more in our Learning Resource Express. Through interactive study spaces with iTV access, our students connect, learn, and teach one another.

Develop Effective Communication

Each element of Impact’s intentional programming is designed to create strong, effective communicators and leaders. We strive to provide opportunities to enhance communication, study skills, and professional preparedness for students of all majors and disciplines.

Strengthen Appreciation for Diversity

Within Impact, our students are encouraged to embrace their neighbors, regardless of differences, and urged to build on our relationship with the greater Waco community. 

Fulfill a Desire to Serve Others

We have numerous opportunities each semester for our students to serve (within and outside of Impact), thereby expanding their awareness and appreciation of the joys of community.

Amplify Strong Ethical and Moral Character 

We consistently aim to integrate our mission with our actions. As a community, we contribute our talents to uphold high moral standards to improve ourselves and the broader Baylor community in which we live, study, and work. 

Reinforce Christian Formation

In collaboration with our Resident Chaplain and Baylor Spiritual Life, Impact encourages students to grow in their faith and Christian character. South Russell has set aside intentional spaces and student leaders for such development, including a designated Reflection Room off the main lobby.