The Impact Living-Learning Center was founded by the School of Education in 2015. The mission of the Impact LLC is to provide the opportunity for learners and future educators to live together in community and grow personally and professionally as they develop a love of learning and service through teaching others.

The program seeks to employ the following ideals of students living in the community:

  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Appreciation for Diversity
  • Desire to serve others
  • Strong ethical and moral character
  • Christian spirituality

Students living in the Impact LLC will also enjoy interaction with a Faculty-In-Residence (FIR), a Baylor faculty member who lives in South Russell. The FIR will mentor and assist students in their day-to-day life as they prepare for their futures as educators.

The Impact LLC is a program of the department of Curriculum and Instruction in the School of Education and welcomes all students interested in a career or a vocation dedicated to serving others through educational leadership.


The Impact Living-Learning Center was created to provide the opportunity for future educators in all fields to live together in community and grow personally and professionally as they develop a love of learning and service through teaching others.

The Impact Living-Learning Center (LLC) is a new endeavor for students who are interested in education at Baylor University. The Impact LLC offers a dynamic campus home for anyone aspiring to educate and serve others. Student interests could include elementary education, secondary education, community education, health education, higher education, and teaching others through social work, business, healthcare, and more. The Impact LLC will create a diverse community of learners who are like-minded and equipped to transform the world.

The Impact LLC offically opened August of 2015 in South Russell Hall. The fully renovated building provides students with a meaningful on-campus housing experience. In addition to living in an education community, students have the opportunity to take some of their required Education classes within South Russell Hall. This ensures that students are developing their skills as future educators and collaborating with peers and faculty on a daily basis.

Impact LLC Goals for Participation

Build Leadership Skills

The world needs leaders, and the Impact LLC seeks to develop some of the best from the start. Over 40 official leadership positions are available to Impact LLC students, as well as even more opportunities to serve on South Russell Council committees. Students will have the opportunity to teach others and be inspired and mentored through our LLC mentor program. We encourage every student in the Impact LLC to volunteer in service to our community. In doing so, we serve one another and the world!

Enhance Critical Thinking

The Impact LLC is home of state-of-the-art technology and study spaces. LLC members will have exclusive access to a 3D printer, color printer, interactive whiteboard, and more in our Learning Resource Express. The Impact LLC is also home to numerous interactive study spaces with iTV access where students can connect, learn, and teach one another.

Develop Effective Communication

Each element of the Impact LLC’s intentional programming is designed to create strong, effective communicators and leaders. We strive to provide opportunities to enhance communication, study skills, and professional preparedness for students of all majors and disciplines.

Strengthen Appreciation for Diversity and Fulfill a Desire to Serve Others

Students who call the Impact LLC home are encouraged to join hall leadership in embracing our relationship with the greater community of Waco. The LLC will provide numerous opportunities each semester for students to serve others (both within and outside of the LLC), thereby expanding their awareness and appreciation of diversity and the joys of community.

Amplify Strong Ethical and Moral Character and Reinforce Christian Formation

In collaboration with our Resident Chaplain and Baylor Spiritual Life, the Impact LLC aims to encourage students to grow in their faith and Christian character. South Russell has set aside intentional spaces and student leaders for such development, including our own designated Reflection Room off the main lobby in South Russell Hall.


"Even if you're not an education major and have no plans to become a teacher, the education can still be a great environment for you because you can learn and grow in this community."

– Kendall Walling, freshman, church music