Dia de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos

IMLC Celebrates the day of the Dead during the week of 10/31/22 (Monday)-11/04/22 (Friday). There are three ways to celebrate with us.

  1. Come and visit iMLC and see how other students are celebrating the week with poems and cultural artifacts created by students.
  2. Submit a poem / poems.
  3. Submit a cultural artifact / artifacts which you created in celebration.

Submission details

  1. Poem: you may bring your poem with a picture relating to your poem to the IMLC (Draper 356), or if it is an online submission, you may submit it via email and attach your photo to the email. The poem must be entirely in Spanish! Send your entries to i_mlc@baylor.edu with the title "Day of the dead entry"

  2. Cultural artifacts: you can take a picture of the artifact or bring it to the IMLC (Examples of artifacts include - calaveras, pan de muerto, papel picado, etc.) Send the photo to i_mlc@baylor.edu with the title "Day of the dead entry"

A winner in each category will receive a prize and will be announced on the IMLC’s social media accounts in a post. 

Winners from 2021: 

Winner from 2020: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHF4NZxlnKz/

Instagram: @baylor_imlc https://www.instagram.com/baylor_imlc

Twitter: @BaylorImlc https://twitter.com/BaylorImlc