Escape Game

Welcome to IMLC Virtual Escape Room Game. We launched the games in Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish for Baylor's International Education Week in 2021. We are continuing to translate the game in all languages we teach at Baylor. Anyone is welcome to play the game.

If you have questions or suggestions, please drop us a note at

HOW TO PLAY - click the following link. You do not need to create an account to play. Follow the  GAME TUTORIAL .

[Arabic (coming soon)] - [Chinese] - [French] - [German (coming soon)] - [Italian (coming soon)] - [Japanese] - [Korean] - [Portuguese] - [Russian (coming soon)] - [Spanish] - [Swahili (coming soon)]

IMLC interviewed our developers reflecting on the project.


Past Event
IEW Baylor 2021

The virtual Escape Game event will take place during Baylor's International Education Week 2021. We invite all students, staff, and faculty to play it. We would like to thank Prof. Laura Fraga for providing us with the ideas of an escape game in language learning.

Date/Time - The game will begin on Nov. 10th at 8 AM. You must send us the screenshot of completion via email by Nov. 12 at 5 PM to win.

Winning Categories

  • Most Participated Language - Chinese and Japanese
  • The individual winner of the day - randomly drawn from each day.
    • 11/10 - Andrew Kim
    • 11/11 - Gracie Labosco
    • 11/12 - Esther Louis
  • The individual winner of the event - randomly drawn from the winner of the day. You will win a gift from IMLC: Esther Louis

Our virtual escape game link will open soon. At this time we are expecting Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish to be available for fall 2021. Links will become active at 8 am on 11/10/2021. In the near future, you can play this game in all the eleven languages we offer at Baylor. Apply your language knowledge and have fun! (*Your browser's pop-up blocker may cause issues not launching Google Forms. If you have any technical issues, please send an email to

[Arabic (coming soon)] - [Chinese] - [French] - [German (coming soon)] - [Italian (coming soon)] - [Japanese] - [Korean] - [Portuguese] - [Russian (coming soon)] - [Spanish] - [Swahili (coming soon)]

Please follow the game tutorial to complete the game.


In the end, you will find the "congratulations" sign on the lawn. Simultaneously, use the chat tool and place your name and time of completion to show your participation on the screenshot. Then take a screenshot of the entire screen.

Send us the screenshot ( from your Baylor email address. In the title, please put the language of the game which you played. The winners will be announced on our social media. 

*above links will become active when the game is available.


Virtual Escape Game Home Screen

Developer: Stephen Hunt & Evan McKinney-Larkin
Translators: Si Qin Huang (Chinese), Victoria Welch (French), Evan McKinney-Larkin/Hajime Kumahata (Japanese), Grace Kim (Korean), Andrew McElroy (Portuguese), Sophia Santos/Sarai Del Toro/Alan Flores (Spanish)
QA/Tester: Erin O'Connor & Gabby Santoplo