Flowers Will Bloom Project

Thank you for participating in Flowers Will Bloom project. Enjoy the video.

Dear Baylor students, faculty, & staff;

Interactive Media and Language Center invites you to participate on the Virtual Choir/Music project, “Flowers Will Bloom.” In remembering the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami which brought an unprecedented scale of damage to northeastern Japan, Hana wa Saku, or "Flowers Will Bloom", was produced to support recovery in disaster-hit areas. We encourage you to sing “Flowers Will Bloom” ( and record it in your phone. Instrumentalists are also invited to play the melody on your instrument. IMLC will put the songs together and share them on YouTube.

The soundtrack can be found here - . Just sing along as you play this track in the background. Here are some examples in your language.

Flowers Will Bloom - Hana wa Saku - Sing in the language you are studying!

If you are interested, please use this form to register. Upon registration, you will receive a link to technical notes and the link to a folder where you upload the video.

Please find the technical procedures and notes here -

Our goal is to have all the videos uploaded by the end of Sunday, April 25th.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to making music with you.