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March 16-18, 2020 IMLC Course Conversion Workshops
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Spring 2021 Presentations

IMLC End of Semester Workshop
Monday, May 10, 2021
9 AM - Noon via Zoom

9 AM
Culturally immersive storytelling in virtual reality  
 Nicole Mills, Harvard University
Hansen (2004) states that “FL studies must learn to conceive of culture as an open, multi-voiced and dialogical interaction full of contradictions, rather than as the deterministic, homogeneous and closed structure that belongs to the era of the nation state” (p. 9) One advocated approach to teach transcultural understanding is through the analysis of cultural narratives (MLA report, 2007, p. 4). Kearney (2012) defines cultural narratives as “the multiple (sometimes competing), conventional storylines that cultural groups produce and use to make sense of and attribute meaning to their shared experiences” (p. 59). The complexity of culture unfolds as diverse narratives allow students to realize that there are multiple ways to view events, situations, and the world (Kearney, 2012). This presentation will showcase a project in a beginning French course in which four different Parisians from the same quarter were asked to document and share the stories of their lives with a virtual reality (VR) camera. These VR narratives allowed French language students to see and experience only the architecture and cultural landmarks, but diverse Parisian narratives, rich with cultural complexity, that were unexplored or unexpected. 

Nicole Mills is the Director of Language Programs (interim) at Harvard University. She teaches courses in French, language pedagogy, and second language research and practice and serves as the advisor for Harvard’s Bok Certificate in Teaching Language and Culture. Her research interests are associated with virtual and simulated environments in language learning, psychology of language learning and teaching, and language program evaluation. Her recent book, Perspectives on Teaching Language and Content (co-authored with Stacey Katz Bourns and Cheryl Krueger), was published in 2020 with Yale University Press and she has various publications in the Modern Language Journal, the Foreign Language Annals, Language Learning, the CALICO journal, the International Journal of Applied Linguistics and in various edited volumes. She is a collaborator in the creation of La République (with Rus Gant and Wonda VR), a narrative VR project that immerses students in the lives of diverse Parisians who live in and around La Place de la République in ParisShe holds a Ph.D. in Educational Studies and French and a Masters’ degree in French literature from Emory University.

10 AM
Scaffolding Language Learning through VR Experience
PRESENTER: Yoshiko Fujii, Senior Lecturer in Japanese, Baylor University
Have you ever wondered if you could incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) into your class activities? It sounds fun and cool, but you wonder what we do with it, right? After the Core Curriculum revision, the Japanese program started incorporating VR into the 4th semester curriculum hoping to make it exciting for students beyond the language requirement and to give them a sense of "experiencing Japan." I will share how we created worksheets for activities using VR goggles and YouTube videos in class with Content Based Instruction (CBI) approach and scaffolding. If time allows, we will create a sample activity in small groups for peer-review.

11 AM
360° Video in Teaching & Learning
PRESENTER: Andrew Telep, Assistant Director, Experiential Learning Commons, Moody Library, Baylor University
360° video and photography is an easy entry point into VR. Low-cost or free specialized cameras, software and viewers enable an instructor to place a viewer in a three-dimensional space with head tracking and sound. Language learners may sit in a real Paris café, immersed in the conversations of native speakers. Study abroad participants may explore their classrooms, lodging, and local sites before arriving. A student may view a Kabuki play from the perspective of a performer. Discover uses of 360° video at Baylor and learn how Moody Library can work with you to create instructional content or student assignments using 360° video.

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Meeting ID: 884 7383 7104
Passcode: 116330

TITLE: Student-Friendly Tech: Strategies from Baylor EAP
DATE: 4/20/2021 (Tuesday)
TIME: 3-4 pm

Type: Panel Discussion
Description: “Student-Friendly Tech: Strategies from Baylor EAP” is a panel discussion by four of the EAP faculty (English for Academic Purposes). Chris Fabiszewski, Amber McKinney, Matthew Piech, and Debra Wainscott will share how we have used technology to teach English as a foreign language, particularly in this year of online classes. Topics include tech-use strategies for keeping it simple for students (K.I.S.S.), improving clarity in asynchronous communication, building community, imitating immersion, and more.

Virtual Reality Workshop
DATE: May 10, 2021
Presenters: TBA


For spring 2020, we have a theme in audio recording activities. With a plethora of audio recording technologies today, it is difficult to choose the appropriate tool. We will explore your options and compare them throughout the semester. All workshops will take place in Draper 356 B. (If you have any topics you would like us to cover, please contact the IMLC director.)

Exploring Audio Recording Options I: Audacity and other online options

2/27 3:30-4:30

Technology Level: Novice

Learn a simple way for your students to record their audio and submit them to you. You can collect students' audio files in your Box folder using Audacity at IMLC. We will also share a few simple ways to record online to receive audio data or audio links to your Canvas.


The following scheduled workshops have been replaced by IMLC Course Conversion Workshops and PreSummer Workshop Webinars.

Exploring Audio Recording Options II: Exploring Bongo's Individual Project and Group Project

3/30 4:00-5:00pm

Technology Level: Intermediate

Last semester, we explored Question and Answer tools in Canvas using Bongo. We will examine the Individual Project & Group Project tools this time. The Individual Project allows students to demonstrate their speaking skills while the group project lets students show collaborative work.


Exploring Audio Recording Options III: Flipgrid

4/30 3:30-4:30 pm with Yuko Prefume

Technology Level: Intermediate

Flipgrid is another free tool at Baylor. It gives students a platform to express and communicate in the target language. Yuko Prefume will share her use cases while we explore the tool.


Past workshops

Canvas Gradebook Workshop

Date & Time : Monday 12/02, 4-5pm

Place: IMLC - Draper 356.03B

Presenter: Neonel Rodriguez, Instructional Technologist, Online Teaching and Learning Services, Baylor University

Content: Join us to explore the Canvas Gradebook deeper and find hidden gems. Space is limited. Please use the following link and place your name on the attendee list.


Turn It In - deterring plagiarism in your language

Date & Time: Tuesday, 12/10 (Reading Day) at 10-11am

Presenter: Neonel Rodriguez, Instructional Technologist, Online Teaching and Learning Services, Baylor University

Location: IMLC - Draper 356.03B

Content: Neil Rodriguez will introduce how Turn It In in Canvas can deter plagiarism in your foreign language class assignments. Turn It In is available in ten languages that MLC offers; Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Swahili is unfortunately not offered at this time.

This workshop will include a critical discussion regarding the LEGAL issues of Turn It In. Baylor's General Counsel REQUIRES you to follow specific guidelines when using Turn It In.

Please use the following link and place your name on the attendee list.


*This is a hands-on workshop. We strongly recommend you to have a demo Canvas site where you can create assignments.


Virtual Reality - Expanding World Access

Date & Time: Tuesday, 12/10 (Reading Day) at 11am-noon

Presenter: Holly Collins & Jim Kumahata

Location: IMLC - Draper 356.03B

Content: IMLC has purchased 20 Google Cardboard VR goggles. Attendees will access the goggles and explore the virtual world. Holly will share French examples, and Jim will share Japanese models. We will discuss the best practices of VR usage as a part of classroom activities. We will also discuss the usage of 360° video cameras if time allows. Please use the following link and place your name on the attendee list.

*This is a hands-on workshop. We recommend you to bring your smartphone to experience the VR with Google cardboard.