Last Language Standing

Last Language Standing

TikTok Edition

Dates: November 9 (8am) - 11 (5pm), 2020

Location: TikTok

WHAT - Last Language Standing (LLS) is a competition among the languages taught at Baylor. Language teams will battle to see who can keep their language in use the longest. This is a part of the International Education Week event.

LLS Tick-Tok Edition is a special competition designed for fall 2020. Each language will compete in TikTok to get the most views, likes, and posts. You can post any category of video.

Rules - Post TikToks in your language! Each post must contain 30 seconds or more of the target language spoken. Must use hashtags #IMLCF20 and #language (replace “language” with your target language, like #arabic or #chinese) You can post one TikTok a day.

Winning Categories - All winners will be announced on the iMLC website and on our social network posts.

  • Most Posts - this is a team (language) award - The language that receives the most posts wins.
  • Most Single-Post Likes - this is an individual award - the person who gets most like by Wed. 11/18 @ 5pm wins! (gets a gift card - will be contacted via DM.)

  • Most Single-Post Views - this is also an individual award - the student who gets the most view by Wed. 11/18 at 5pm wins!  (gets a gift card - will be contacted via DM.)


LLS 2019

Date: November 21, 2019

Time: 5:30-7:30 pm

Location: Draper 356, IMLC

IMLC's Last Language Standing is an endurance race of speaking languages taught within the Department of Modern Languages & Cultures. You speak English, you are out! We invite all speakers and learners of these languages from Baylor. We also invite students to come to find your next language(s) to study. Each language group can play games, sing Karaoke, make crafts, or just gather and chat. Join us for a fun evening.

Prizes for the winning teams!



ALL TEAMS WON! They all spoke nothing but their target language for two hours!!!!
Thank you for participating - Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, & Spanish!