Student Assistants


Headshot of Sophia FultonSophia Fulton (Design and Arabic Language Assistant) is a senior Business Fellow studying Finance, Economics and Arabic. She loves connecting culture and economics on a national, business, and human level. She believes that students should keep their eyes and hearts open to experience other cultures. She loves to participate in Arabic events on campus, and she looks forward to promoting these through the iMLC. Additionally, after working with startup companies in app, web, and graphic design, she loves using these skills at the iMLC.

Headshot of Genevieve LyethGenevieve Lyeth (Italian and Latin Language Assistant) is a senior Latin major and Linguistics minor. She lived in Italy for four years and speaks Italian. Living overseas opened her eyes to languages and how closely they relate to culture. Her tip for students learning a new language is to watch movies they are familiar with in the target language they are learning. Since you already knows the storyline for these movies, watching them in a different language helps you learn more about that language without trying to figure out the movie plot.

Headshot of Erin O'ConnorErin O'Connor is a third year Business Major. Her language of choice at Baylor is Spanish, but she also loves sign language. She hopes her time at the iMLC will help other students gain exposure to many languages and their cultures as well as discovering which language is best for them to study while at Baylor. Her tip for choosing a language: when speaking a language, close your eyes and imagine you are in a country that speaks that language...does it feel right? Then it's the one for you!


Natalie Cruz is a junior Baylor Business Fellow studying Accounting, Management, and Japanese. She is passionate about learning other languages and expanding her knowledge of other cultures. She looks forward to serving others through the iMLC and promoting the exposure of different languages to her peers. Her tip for students learning a new language is to regularly meet with a classmate outside of class and have conversations using the topics you have learned in class. This will help you get to know one of your classmates in addition to increasing your fluency.

Headshot of Jorge RamirezJorge Ramirez is a Sophomore Pre-Med Biology major.  He has lived in Mexico City, Mexico and speaks Spanish. He is currently learning Japanese. Jorge believes that learning new languages is key to expanding our mind and it is a tool to connect with other cultures. He hopes that at his time in the iMLC he can help people connect with others. When learning a new language he recommends spending an hour every day using the language, whether that be reading, listening, or speaking it; the more comfortable you are in a new language, the easier it’ll be to learn.

Headshot of Sheree ZouSheree Zou (Chinese Language Coordinator) is not only a fourth-year Business major with interests in psychology and leadership; she is also our Chinese (Mandarin) language specialist! As part of her work in the iMLC, Sheree plans on using her language skills and cultural knowledge to inspire students studying Mandarin at Baylor. Sheree is especially excited to work with Professor Holly Shi to build the language program including the minor and the co-curricular activities. She plans on making it visible in the halls of Old Main, Draper, and beyond!