Student Assistants

Headshot of Si Qin HuangSi Qin Huang (Technology and Chinese Language Assistant) is a freshman computer science major. She is a member of Baylor’s ECS Scholars Program and First in Line. She comes from a Chinese family and frequently played the role of translator growing up. Si Qin lived in China for five years and speaks Mandarin. She hopes to integrate technology with world culture and language studies to expand communal understanding. She is excited to be a part of IMLC.

黄思琴来自拉斯维加斯。她是计算机科学与技术专业的一年级新生。她很高兴来到Baylor University。她家乡在福州不过她在美国出生长大,从小去中文学校学的中文。思琴很荣幸能在IMLC工作。她希望在IMLC能帮助到Baylor的中国学生和老师。


Andrew McElroyAndrew McElroy (Portuguese Language Assistant) is a sophomore Baylor Business Fellow from Brentwood, New Hampshire studying Portuguese. He has been interested in languages since he started taking Latin in middle school and has continued to study them since. His tip for learning languages is that the more you speak the better you will get, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. Andrew is excited about the opportunities to study abroad at Baylor and wants to get involved in the global marketplace! In addition to business and foreign language, Andrew is a member of the Baylor Golden Wave Band and plays tuba.

Andrew também fala Português! Si você tem algumas perguntas cerca do programa Português do Baylor ou Português em general, Andrew é uma boa pessoa perguntar. Ele não é fluente ainda, mas ele continua aprender e falar todos os dias!


Victoria WelchVictoria Welch (French Language Assistant) is a sophomore transfer student majoring in biology on the pre-veterinary track. She transferred to Baylor from the American university of Paris in France where she lived for one year while studying the French language and fashion design. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to study abroad and become immersed in any language that they are interested in, as well as experiencing the culture.

Quand elle était a paris, elle aimait aller au les boulangeries pour manger une baguette tradition avec ses amies tous les matins avant aller à l’école. Elle a beaucoup appris le français quand elle était la. Elle allait a la Tour Eiffel tous les week-ends avec ses amies. C’était la meilleure année de sa vie. Elle espère  qu’elle peut retourner bientôt.  


Margaret Welch Margaret Welch (Technology and Korean Language Assistant) is a sophomore Nutrition Sciences major from Lancaster, CA. She is currently studying Korean at Baylor and hopes to later take some Chinese courses. She grew to love learning Korean after becoming interested in all aspects of Korean culture. As a Nutrition major, she is interested in learning about different cultures through food 마가렛 웰치는 2학년입니다.영양학을 공부하려고 베일러 대학교에 왔습니다.  캘리포니아주 랭커스터에서 왔습니다. 한국 음식을 요리하는 것을 좋아합니다 . 한국 문화에 관심이 때문에 한국어를 공부합니다. 한국어 잘하고 싶습니다. 열심히 공부하자! 


Madi HoytMadi Hoyt (Student Assistant) is a freshman Psychology major with minors in Music and Poverty Studies and Social Justice from Moline, Illinois. She is currently taking Spanish and Baylor and is very excited to learn more. Madi also loves to learn about other cultures and what makes them unique. Due to her love of learning about other cultures she one day hopes to study abroad. She is very excited to be a part of the IMLC!


Shelby XuShelby Xu (Student Assistant) is a junior majoring in International Studies and minoring in Business Administration from Dallas, TX. She is currently studying Arabic but also is fluent in Chinese and knows a little bit of Spanish and French. She believes that everybody should learn a second language besides English because it will give a person more insight about another culture. She also thinks studying abroad is also a great opportunity to experience new cultures and better one’s process in learning a new language.

她主修国际研究,辅修工商管理。 去年暑假,她去了西班牙马德里学习,还参观了瓦伦 西亚、塞维利亚、托莱多等城市,更深入地体验了当地的风土人情和语言。 在空闲时 间,她喜欢旅行,听乡村音乐,和朋友一起出去玩。