Modern Language Placement Exam (MLPE)

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Why take the MLPE?

The modern language requirement for most majors calls for 1) at least nine hours of courses in a modern language with six of those hours taken at Baylor; and 2) demonstrated competence in that language at the third semester (2310) level or higher. To take advantage of any previous preparation in a language, students should begin their study at a level consistent with that preparation. To that end, an appropriate score on the MLPE in French, German, or Spanish allows students who have studied any of these languages to register for a higher-level course in order to complete the requirement more quickly. For advanced placement in other languages, students should contact the division director for that language: Dr. Xin Wang (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, and Korean); Dr. Cristian Bratu (Italian); Dr. Jennifer Good (Russian); Dr. Frieda Blackwell (Portuguese). The MLPE is not required if you wish to register for a beginning course (1301) in French, German, Spanish, or any other language. Placement exams do not bear credit; therefore, a student does not receive credit for courses below the level into which he or she has tested based on the MLPE score alone.


Other options for advanced placement

In addition to the MLPE, students may also place into higher language courses according to their scores on exams such as CLEP, AP, I.B., and SAT Subject Tests. Scores high enough on these exams will also earn Baylor credit for certain lower-level courses. For more information on credit by exam, visit this website.


When to take the MLPE

Any time classes are in session, students enrolled at Baylor may take the exam at the Interactive Media & Language Center (iMLC) in Draper 356. Incoming students are encouraged to take the exam before arriving for New Student Orientation in June. They may also take the exam during orientation in the iMLC. Summer hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM-3 PM; phone (254) 710-4526.


What is the MLPE test?

The MLPE is multiple-choice and may take approximately 30 minutes. This exam tests linguistic competence in the areas of reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. However, modern language courses at Baylor largely emphasize conversational skills. Students who place into a higher-level course may consequently be unprepared for the expected oral proficiency at that level if they have not had sufficient conversational practice. If that is the case, a student has the option to drop to a lower level within the first two weeks of the semester. The converse is also true: a student may move up to a higher level if he or she feels adequately prepared.


MLPE Rules

• The MLPE attempts to determine your current knowledge of the language in order to place you into a language course at the appropriate level. The use of outside sources while taking the exam will only place you into a level higher than that in which you can function adequately.

• You are not allowed to copy any part of the exam in any form, or to share information about the contents, the URL, or your password.

• The MLPE can only be taken once.

• The MLPE is subject to the academic policies and procedures of Baylor University and regulated by the Baylor University Honor Code. See the Baylor University Honor Code on the Academic Integrity web page .

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