Modern Languages and Cultures Tutoring

Spring 2020

After the spring break, tutoring sessions will be online.

For Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Russian tutoring, click the link and follow the instruction. 


Before Spring Break (Sp2020)

Spanish Tutoring (Burleson First Floor)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8AM 8:00-8:50 8:00-9:15 8:00-8:50 8:00-9:15 8:00-8:50
9AM 9:05-9:55   9:05-9:55    
10AM         10:10-11:00
11AM       11:00-12:15  
12PM 12:20-1:10   12:20-1:10    
1PM         1:25-2:15
2PM 2:30-3:20   2:30-3:20 2:00-3:15  
3PM     3:35-4:25    


Tutor Contact Information: 

Name Email
Yuyan Jiao (Chinese)
Jared Cook (French)
Conner Fastenau (German)
Katelyn Pawlish (Italian)
Elisabeth George (Portuguese)
Neal Vogel (Russian)