Nationally Recognized Programs in Human Performance through the Arts and Athletics

Nationally Recognized Programs in Human Performance through the Arts and Athletics

The role and value of creative expression and the arts in human life is apparent both in the joy that paintings, sculpture, music, theater, storytelling, movies, dance, and design provide and in the application of art and creativity in the development of products, technologies, and solutions that require innovative thinking.

Baylor encourages its artists, performers, creators, musicians, and designers to cultivate expertise in their own craft and explore collaboration with their peers in multiple disciplines. Through a living-learning community for fine arts majors, students find opportunities to create original music compositions for original films or plays; visual motifs shared between art exhibitions and stage designs; performances combining the talents of actors, musicians, and dancers; exhibitions incorporating music or creative lighting.

Music, theater, film, and digital media and art are all powerful forces that reflect the diversity of our societies and cultures. The arts community at Baylor provides opportunities for discussion, encourages integration of cultural traditions, enriches expressions of faith, nurtures faculty-student mentoring, and develops a close-knit community of intellectually curious, arts educated professionals. These disciplines also contribute to the enhanced cultural life of our community.

Baylor University aspires to win conference and national athletics championships with integrity as a dynamic component of our Christian witness.

Ever since Baylor fielded its first athletics team in 1899, the University has sought to compete at the highest levels of intercollegiate competition with excellence and character. Today, participating in 19 sports, Baylor’s more than 500 student-athletes continue to achieve remarkable success both on and off the field, winning national and conference championships and consistently leading the Big 12 in graduation rates.

“We’re much richer as human beings if we can understand cultures through their arts — because what you value most, you lift up through your art. Music doesn’t keep us materially alive. Music helps keep us spiritually alive.” DR. GARY MORTENSON, DEAN, BAYLOR SCHOOL OF MUSIC

Baylor stands as one of only four faith-based universities — and the lone Baptist-affiliated school — among the 65 institutions of higher learning that comprise the Power Five conferences of the NCAA’s Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. Because of this, Baylor student-athletes, coaches, and administrators can be a light of Christian excellence to opponents and their respective communities and fan bases.

At Baylor, competition is more than just what happens on the field. The ever-changing landscape of major collegiate athletics requires that universities position themselves to be competitive at the highest levels on all fronts. Beyond providing first-class facilities and elite coaching staffs, this competitiveness includes supporting student-athletes with programs in nutrition, academics, and spiritual development and helping them develop leadership skills that will serve them well once their playing days are over.

Baylor Athletics is committed to "Preparing Champions for Life." Athletics leadership and coaches have integrated a championship process that focuses on key areas of development to ensure student-athletes receive the training and support the University is uniquely equipped to provide. This process integrates academic achievement, athletic success, social responsibility, and spiritual growth into meaningful interactions across all sports. The goal is to prepare student-athletes in all aspects of their lives so they leave Baylor with a depth of understanding of what transforms an individual into a champion.

Baylor Athletics plays an invaluable role as a “front door” through which the University welcomes thousands of alumni and friends — whether in person at one of our state-of-the-art sports venues or through broadcast competitions. In addition, a championship-level athletics program provides school spirit and beautiful green spaces to Baylor’s campus, enlivening the student body and bringing the Baylor Family together to cheer on the Green and Gold. An unbroken chain of pride connects our students’ experience as members of the Baylor Line running onto the field at McLane Stadium to their return to campus for Homecoming to enjoy deep traditions and to renew longstanding friendships.