How Ignite Quarterly Updates Effect You and Your Work

January 24, 2021

One notable difference about Baylor's transformation to the Oracle Cloud system is that it features frequent, ongoing updates to ensure the university is using the most cutting-edge financial and HR technology platforms. As you may have noticed since we went live in June 2020, the continuous innovation is delivered via quarterly updates which deliver new functionalities.

So how do these quarterly releases work?
For each quarterly release, Oracle will deploy the update to Baylor and we have the opportunity to test it before putting it in to production for our users. This testing opportunity allows our Ignite team to decide if and when to activate the changes which allows us to evaluate how the changes fit in with our strategy, change process, and user adoption readiness.

Will I notice a difference when I log in to Ignite?
The Oracle quarterly updates include new features, Baylor's enhancement requests, and patches from the previous releases. Some of these changes may impact certain processes or user roles but for the most part you should not notice drastic changes as all of our existing configurations, extensions, and data are automatically preserved. Should significant changes occur as a part of the quarterly update process, Baylor will be able to identify those changes through testing and communicate well in advance to impacted user groups.

These quarterly releases mean the system's development is constant, increasingly sophisticated features become available as years go by which gives Baylor the confidence the system is programmed to be in compliance with new regulations and that it will grow with the campus.

You can keep up with these quarterly updates at

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