Ignite User Groups

June 12, 2020

When the Ignite project changed to working remotely due to COVID-19, all training and user preparation went virtual. As a part of that preparation, weekly online sessions were held with staff designated by their divisions to be an “expert” in certain system functionality and to assist other users with learning Ignite.

Even outside of the official meeting times, these experts used online chat to ask system questions and get answers from each other and from Ignite project leaders from central offices. Feedback indicated these weekly sessions were very helpful, and they have continued regularly post go-live.

These virtual meetings, now called User Groups, are still meant to “train the trainers,” to equip the selected users for assisting their colleagues with usage of Ignite in areas like timecard and leave entry, shopping, expense reporting, and finance and budgets. Also, the User Groups will be asked to help communicate critical system and business process updates. These large groups meet weekly through Microsoft Teams and are limited in size due to Teams restrictions. Additions should be approved and requested by a division’s Business Officer.

Currently, the active groups are...

  • Finance User Group on Tuesdays
  • Procure-to-Pay User Group on Thursdays
  • Time and Absence User Group, transitioning to HCM/Payroll User Group, on Fridays

There are preliminary plans to add Research and Manager User Groups in the future as we continue to expand the ways the campus can learn more about Ignite.

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