Keeping Ignite Moving Foward, Quarter by Quarter

June 16, 2020

As we all get familiar with Ignite, one question might be - when it will change and get even better? Certainly, even though Ignite is live, it is not done. A benefit of the new cloud-based systems like Oracle Cloud on which Ignite is based, is continuous enhancement and issue-correction through regular updates. Through quarterly releases, new functionality, improved interfaces, and problem fixes will be regularly applied to Ignite.

Once Ignite gets to a steady state, we will see updates applied in November, February, May, and August each year. Due to the recent emphasis on conversion for go-live and now, on stabilization, Baylor will take the 2020 May update in July and the August update in September.

Watch for communications about any major changes involved in the July update and continue to use Guided Learning for assistance with system functionality. Ignite will be a dynamic system, growing and improving through the years!

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