What you need to know for Ignite Go Live

May 26, 2020
We are almost there! On June 1, all Baylor faculty and staff will receive an email with the link to sign in to Ignite. Below is a list to help you prepare for accessing and using Ignite on day one.

1. How do I go to the login page? An email will be sent with the link on the morning of Monday, June 1.

2. How will I sign in? Ignite will allow you to log in with one set of credentials to access the entire Ignite system. All users will log in with their Baylor BearID and password, using Duo. No separate login name or password to remember! Firefox, Chrome and Safari are all supported on both Windows, and macOS. Edge is supported on windows only. Internet Explorer is not supported.

3. What do I need to be prepared to do once I am in Ignite? You will have the opportunity to update your mailing address and emergency contact information. Please have that information ready.

4. How will I know how to use Ignite? Training is still available here. Also, Oracle Guided Learning is in the system and will help guide you through the system.

5. How do I navigate within the system? There are navigation buttons within the system to allow you to get to each screen. The back and forward buttons in your browser will cause an error screen.

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