Guiding Principles: Measurable Results

April 20, 2020
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The decisions around Ignite have been driven by adhering to the Six Guiding Principles of the project. By focusing on one area each month, we will highlight how these principles have been put into practice. The fourth principle is Measurable Results.

Transformed processes have been and will continue to be measured via qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators to track ongoing performance and identify continuous improvement efforts. Throughout the project, during business process reviews and executive sponsor check-ins, redesigning, and streamlining processes to take advantage of the best practice efficiencies provided by the Oracle Cloud system has been emphasized and prioritized. More than 200 business processes were reviewed and redesigned. Efficiencies are being recognized by the implementation. An example is moving from 3700 customized legacy job descriptions to 375 job profiles in Ignite. Also, the focus on continuous improvement does not end with the Ignite go-live but continues as an emphasis moving forward to support Illuminate.

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