Guiding Principles: Transparency & Inclusion

March 11, 2020
Transparency Icon

The decisions around Ignite have been driven by adhering to the Six Guiding Principles of the project. By focusing on one area each month, we will highlight how these principles have been put into practice. The fourth principle is Transparency & Inclusion.

Throughout the Ignite project, the project team has worked to involve campus constituents as sharable information was available and to take feedback to improve future communications. Beginning with the formation of the Ignite Change Network composed of various groups of system stakeholders and continuing with Campus Information Sessions and, more recently, system Demo Sessions, Ignite transformation has been reviewed and promoted across the university.

Additionally, the formation of the Business Officer Council, which will continue post-Ignite go-live, has created an important avenue to support and provide suggestions regarding the Ignite implementation. Currently, Ignite executive sponsors and project managers are presenting information about the Ignite transformation to school and division leadership groups. Questions and feedback from every session with every group have contributed to the information shared on the Ignite website and the development of training and future messaging. Also, the website includes videos and computer-based training courses to provide general knowledge about system functions.

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