New Job Profiles and Transition Dates

February 11, 2020
Ignite is coming in June 2020 and so are new and improved job profiles! A job profile helps potential candidates and current staff understand the duties, functions, requirements, and responsibilities of a specific job at Baylor University.

The job profile is a brief description used to communicate the expectations for an employee to meet in a certain job. Job profiles in Ignite will replace the current job descriptions held in the current job descriptions database. Job profiles can provide many benefits like:

  • Grouping similar jobs within the University

  • Standardizing functions and requirements for similar jobs

  • Matching jobs with market data to allow for consistent and competitive pay

These concise job profiles are a valuable performance management tool that serves as a resource for employees to understand the job expectations and allow supervisors to ensure employees maintain expectations for their role. It also clarifies Baylor’s desire to support employees in understanding how their work is meaningful to the University’s students and mission. With Ignite, job profiles will facilitate recruitment, performance appraisals, and organizational changes to operate more efficiently and effectively university-wide.

Each staff member will be able to view their job profile within Ignite. Managers will also be able to view the profile for each of their employees. In the coming months, additional resources including a timeline for the transition of the job description database as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be available to support employees and managers. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the HR Service Center at ext. 2000 or

Important Dates for the Transition:

March 2020 – The current Job Description Database will transition to “View Only” status. Staff and managers will continue to be able to view their job description in the job description database. The ability to make edits to specific job descriptions will no longer be available.

May 2020 – Access to the current Job Description Database will end. If staff or managers determine it would be helpful to keep a copy of their current job description, staff can make a copy from the job description database prior to May. These copies will not be maintained by HR however may be helpful to staff in maintaining a more detailed list of day-to-day tasks. Please discuss this with your manager if you think this would be helpful. More information can be found in the FAQ document.

June 2020 – Profiles will be live in Ignite. Staff can view their job profile.

Please click here for Job Profile FAQs.
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