January 10, 2020
We know you have heard about Ignite, and we are only five short months away from go-live! We developed a marketing strategy to build momentum and excitement around Ignite. You could say we are Igniting campus!

As we look at the coming months, we are focusing on preparing you for the go-live date. These months are broken down into three phases:

Spark: January- February: We are sparking interest with demos and expos events
Fuel: March-May: We are giving employees fuel, training, to prepare you
Ignite: June: System Go-live

Even though we believe the word about Ignite has spread across campus, we think its importance deserves emphasis. Environmental graphics were installed over the holiday break in Clifton Robinson Tower. The feedback has been great!


Posters will start popping up next week that will include FAQs. These will be updated weekly and will be distributed to areas with employee traffic, including breakrooms, bulletin boards, digital screens, and more. We hope to dress up those boring breakroom refrigerators.

Keep a watch out for even more Ignite-related items and communication as we get closer to June 2020.


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