How Ignite Benefits You: Leave Time Tracking

January 10, 2020
Ignite will modernize and improve the way employees request time away from work and track their leave balances. With the ability to request leave on-the-go directly from your mobile device, Ignite provides a convenient way for employees to track and manage leave time in a single system. For exempt employees, Ignite will replace the monthly absence report form and monthly leave time tracking spreadsheet used today by automating how employees request and track leave time. For non-exempt/biweekly employees, Ignite will replace Bearweb for time tracking. Ignite will allow employees to spend less time on administrative duties and more time to dedicate to work that supports the University's mission.

In addition to more efficient processes, University policies have been revised to provide more immediate access to paid leave time, create new leave options, and offer greater assurance of paid leave being available. The Leave Policy Changes FAQs provide a quick reference to help clarify some of the main questions regarding Leave Time Policies at Baylor. Please refer to the policy documents for detailed information. If you have additional questions after reading the policies and FAQs please email

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