How Ignite Benefits You: Benefits Leveling

December 6, 2019
Because Ignite is much more than just a system implementation, we are reviewing virtually all of our processes to identify efficiencies, process improvements, or past decisions that no longer serve the university community well. One of the processes reviewed was our handling of benefit deductions for non-exempt employees.

Prior to benefit leveling, employees on the bi-weekly payroll would receive one paycheck each month with no insurance deductions withheld, and one with all premiums withheld.  Now that premiums are spread equally across all paychecks, employees see consistency in their net pay from pay period to pay period, creating a benefit to employees through predictable personal budgeting of monthly expenses.

This change is one that could have occurred outside of the Ignite project but was highlighted as a process in need of change through the critical lens Ignite has focused on each area in our financial and human resources operations.
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