Fall Campus Session Recap

November 15, 2019

2019 Fall Campus Session Recap

On Tuesday, November 12, more than 400 faculty and staff members gathered for the Ignite Fall Campus Information Session. Attendees had the pleasure of hearing from Brett Dalton, Chief Business Officer, about how Ignite’s transforming the way Baylor works to support Illuminate and learning from Cheryl Gochis, Chief Human Resources Officer, about the Ignite training and learning opportunities coming this spring. The session also featured a live demonstration showing employees a preview of how they will use the new Ignite system and a moderated panel with project leadership to answer questions submitted by campus. If you weren’t able to be there, check out an overview of the Fall Information Session below or watch the full session here.

The session started with Brett Dalton, Chief Business Officer and Ignite Executive Sponsor, thanking everyone for coming to the session. He spoke about the past, present, and future of Ignite and how Ignite will transform the way we do business at Baylor. He also discussed how Ignite is supporting Baylor’s Mission of becoming America’s preeminent Christian research university. (Meeting Recording: Baylor’s Past, Present, and Future 1:05 – 10:10)

Fall Session - Cheryl Gochis

Cheryl Gochis, Chief Human Resource Officer and Ignite Executive Sponsor, introduced what employees can expect for Ignite training and how the project team is preparing the campus to use Ignite in June 2020. She explained the many learning and training opportunities available to employees now and coming next spring. These include on-demand videos, computer-based courses and job aids tailored to focus on what employees need to know. Checklists were provided to attendees during the session highlighting how employees can begin to prepare for Ignite before training is released in spring. An interactive version of the checklist is below. (Meeting Recording: What employees Can Expect 10:15)

Fall Session- Becky Ivy

Becky Ivy with Human Resources provided a demonstration of the Ignite system. This was very exciting as it is the first opportunity for Baylor faculty and staff to see how the system works. (Meeting Recording: Ignite Demo 16:22)

Fall Panel
Susan Anz moderated a panel discussion with five staff members who are a part of the Project Leadership or serve as a Business Officer. They answered questions from how Business Officers have been involved in Ignite, to what procure-to-pay process improvements can be expected as a result of Ignite, and how the new Chart of Accounts connects Ignite to other campus systems. Be sure to watch the full session to get this helpful information. (Meeting Recording: Panel Discussion 19:12)

What can you do to help support Ignite?

• Bookmark Baylor.edu/Ignite and check back for updates

• Read the newsletter
• Talk to your Business Officer
• Plan to come to a demo session (and bring a friend)
• Take the intro to Ignite course
• Be flexible and eager for change in June

Thank you again to those who attended. Please watch for more opportunities to learn about Ignite as we move closer to the June 2020 release date.

Ignite Project Team
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