One Year Recognition


That's right! June 1, 2021 marked our very first anniversary since implementing Ignite in 2020. With two years of planning, hard work, and dedication, there is one person we'd like to recognize and thank on this milestone anniversary, and that's YOU! Each and every one of you played a significant role in ensuring we successfully made it to June 1, 2021.

With participating in Microsoft Teams groups, training, testing, and day-to-day operations within Ignite, you made the difference. Thank you for going above and beyond to help Baylor lights shine bright!


Kick Off with Leadership

Watch this video from Cheryl Gochis, Vice President of Human Resources and Brett Dalton, Chief Business Office discussing their thoughts on Ignite over this past year!

Time Flies When You're Innovating

Videos from some familiar faces coming soon!

Blast from the Past


Feeling nostalgic? Then take a trip down memory lane with these Ignite milestones.