21A Quarterly Release Info

Scheduled System Down Time

Start Time: Friday, February 19, 2021 8:00 PM CST

Estimated End Time: Sunday, February 21, 2021 2:00 PM CST

Maintenance Summary

Add Worker Identification Information in the Page Header of Employment Flows
This feature allows for improved usability of the page header in employment flows by enabling worker identification information, such as person number, assignment number, and business title to be reflected for one or more workers.

Payment Methods Responsive Page
This feature allows for staff to set an effective date for payment methods. It also allows for increased visibility and use of listed payment methods. On the payment methods page you will now be able to add multiple accounts accounts to be available to use in the top section. In the bottom section you are able to specify distribution.

Recruiting and Onboarding
The recruiting and onboarding module features various improvements. See details below.

New Features List:
  • Keep Me Signed In - This feature allows candidates to select an option to stay logged into their current browser for up to 3 days. This eliminates the need for them to enter a verification code to prove their identity each time they return to the applicant portal to apply for another job or check the status of a current job application. The feature allows an applicant to stay logged in for 3 days on the same browser while using the same device.
  • Enhanced Job Application Progress Bar - This Progress Bar now shows which page of the application is in the process of being submitted whenever an applicant completes and application.
  • Mark Apply Flow Attachments as Required - Baylor can now require an applicant to upload a Resume/CV, Cover Letter, and References in order to submit an application. Previously these items were requested but an application could be submitted without them.
  • Check and Merge Duplicates After Job Offers - This will allow for additional opportunities to match applicants who apply with a new email address to have their items merged with an existing profile. This is an HR administrative function is not an option on the applicant side.


You can contact the Ignite Team by calling 254.710.2000. You can also send an email to askHR@baylor.edu.