20B Quarterly Release Info

Scheduled System Down Time

Start Time: Friday, July 3, 2020 8:00 PM CST

Estimated End Time: Sunday, July 5, 2020 8:00 AM CST

Maintenance Summary

Improved Expense Work Area with New Actionable Cards

  • Easily find expenses and expense reports that require your action in a rotating "card" display of reports within the Expenses Work Area. From these cards you can take the following actions: Withdraw, Resubmit, Duplicate, Delete, and Print.
  • Each report that is in progress or requires action will be presented as a card in the Expenses Work Area. Cards that require an action will be displayed first, followed by the cards that are in progress, in approval, and paid.
  • Each card displays the expense report status, report purpose (report number when purpose is not available), and report amount. Reports that are pending approval will display the approver information.
Ignite Screenshot

Marketplace enhancement for generating separate Purchase Orders by Ship-to-Location

  • When ordering from the marketplace, you can now order multiple items and ship certain items to different locations (i.e. different laboratories).
  • You can enter distinct shipping locations on each item within a requisition. After the requisition is approved, the system will create separate purchase orders based on the shipping locations and goods that will arrive at the location requested on the requisition.

TRAX Crosswalk will become available in the Project Management Data Portal

  • This new resource will be added to the list of available data in the "Additional Resources" section of the Project Management Data Portal.
  • In the Project Management Data Portal, you can easily translate TRAX accounts using the TRAX account to Ignite Expenditure Type crosswalk for PPM processing.

Time/Absence Management Update

  • Employees who enter an timecard shift end time of 12:00 AM will now receive an error message indicating that the end time cannot exceed 11:59 PM.
  • Additional leave time called "Admin Time" will be added as an option when an employee inputs "floating holiday" hours. This type of request will still follow normal approval workflow procedures.

Project Management and Buyer Enhancements

  • Project Managers will be able to see the invoice image sent to the customer, actual invoice amounts (including freight & taxes), and a summary of balances including original invoice and payment receipts within the Manage Project Invoices page in the Project Management work area.
  • Buyers will be able to change project attributes on an open Purchase Order (PO).
  • Buyers will be able to add new project approved requisitions that have funds reserved OR additional requisition line to an open Purchase Order (PO) instead of having to create a separate PO. Original demand and new demand can be consolidated into a single PO.


You can contact the Ignite Team by calling 254.710.2000. You can also send an email to askHR@baylor.edu.