Ask Ignite

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What is Ask Ignite?
This tool was developed by ITS, with assistance from Microsoft, as a supplemental support tool. This is an app that works within Microsoft Teams. Baylor users can access this Bot and ask questions about Ignite.

How do I access Ask Ignite?
It appears on the icon bar found within Microsoft Teams. Just click on Ask Ignite! Ask Ignite button in Teams
How can Ask Ignite help?
Based on FAQ and other data loaded into a backend system, you receive an instant response to your question using Ask Ignite. For example, you can just Ask Ignite “How do I request leave?” Ask Ignite question and response
What else can Ask Ignite do?
If the answer doesn’t adequately respond to the presented need, you can use the “Ask an Expert” option. At that point, a short form is presented within the chat requesting more info. Once submitted, it is fed to a Teams channel that the Ignite Call Center will monitor and then either answer or route accordingly.

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You can also contact the Ignite Call Center by choosing option 1 when you call 254.710.HELP (x4357) or 254.710.2000.