April 2020 Newsletter

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Yesterday, Cheryl Gochis, Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, and Brett Dalton, Chief Business Officer provided a live update on the current progress and future of the Ignite project. Please click the video to watch. Below, you will also find the information discussed in the Ignite video update.

Ignite recorded video update

Click here to see the Q&A submitted during the live video.

Project Timeline

The Ignite project is on time and on track to go live on Monday, June 1. Additionally, only biweekly employees will have access to Ignite for timecard entry beginning May 17.

Time card entry training will be distributed late next week with training beginning the week of May 4. It will be offered based on role and will be specific for go-live. Training will be delivered through Teams.

You can always find more on the Ignite website or you can ask questions at ignite@baylor.edu.

Ignite Marketplace

As we near the launch of Ignite, we are excited to share more and more about the functionality of the system. One area that is particularly exciting is the marketplace. We are thrilled to include vendors like Amazon, Staples, and more. We are committed to supporting the drive to R1 status through the inclusion of vendors for scientific and research equipment and supplies. The work is unabated and procurement for these items will be much simpler than in the past.

Go-Live and Ongoing Support Plan

We have set up a transition from the current project team to a support organization that will ensure our go-live and stabilization period is successful. Keep in mind that at first, as with any change, Ignite will be an adjustment for everyone. We will have a support system ready and able to help you. We are equipping folks throughout the university with tools and resources and we encourage you go visit the Ignite website for updated training materials.

How is support provided at go-live?

While the first goal will be stabilization of the new system, the next phase of Ignite is to exploit the system capabilities for continuous improvement for the campus. The first line of support is the Business Officer; then we have embedded experts.

Click here to get more information and prepare for the upcoming transition.


As mentioned in previous newsletters, training has been on-going based on roles. The colleagues in your school/division who fill roles having day-to-day duties in Ignite are in training now to be equipped to support your unit. Also, on the Ignite website front page, you can find information and training pertinent to your campus role. This info will continue to be updated.

Six Guiding Principles: Measurable Results

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The decisions around Ignite have been driven by adhering to the Six Guiding Principles of the project. By focusing on one area each month, we will highlight how these principles have been put into practice. The fourth principle is Measurable Results.

Throughout the project, during business process reviews and executive sponsor check-ins, redesigning, and streamlining processes to take advantage of the best practice efficiencies provided by the Oracle Cloud system has been emphasized and prioritized. Click here to read more.

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