University Research Administrators

University Research Administrators (URA) offer faculty a range of services designed to streamline, standardize and facilitate grant acquisition and administration through a network of administrators assigned to specific academic Units.

Meet the URAs
Who is my URA?

URA Mission

Provide consistent and high-quality pre- and post-award administrative support to all Baylor research faculty.

URA Vision

To serve as Baylor University’s administrative facilitators of research.

URA Guiding Principles
  • Provide services designed to streamline, standardize, and facilitate grant acquisition and administration through a network of trained research administrators.
  • Support Baylor’s research vision to become an R1/Tier 1 institution by providing faculty an administrative partnership geared toward decision support and strategic thinking.
  • Deliver standardized and consistent levels of service, regardless of the customer base.
URA Goals
  1. Decrease the administrative burden placed on Baylor research faculty.
  2. Serve as a trusted and reliable resource for Baylor research faculty.
  3. Ensure provision of excellent customer service to faculty, staff, and sponsors.
  4. Serve as a conduit for communication between research faculty and central administrative offices.
  5. Translate research financial matters in a manner that is comprehensible and beneficial to the advancement of research.
  6. Provide streamlined and standardized processes that support researchers in an increasingly complex and competitive research environment.
  7. Deliver polished and professional research administrative services with a focus on continuous improvement.
  8. Enable education, training, and professional development for URA staff.