Academic Affairs

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Role Assignee(s)
Business Officer Lisa Rhiney
Division Approver Lisa Rhiney
Department Approvers Debi Talley
  • Office of the Provost
Amanda Barton
  • Undergraduate Education
Theresa Hagan
  • Continuing Education
Anna Henderson
  • Graduate School
Brenda Higginbotham
  • Paul L. Foster Success Center
Sherri Honza
  • Vice Provost for Research
  • Baylor Research and Innovation Collaboration
  • Research Administration
  • Spatial Research Center
  • Institutes and Special Studies
  • Institute of Biomedical Studies
  • Institute for Studies of Religion
Hannah King
  • Registrar & Academic Records
Jeff Hamilton
  • Center for Global Engagement
  • Study Abroad Programs
Michelle McCaig
  • Baylor Press
Craig Clarkson
  • Academy for Teaching and Learning
Kathleen Morley
  • Institutional Research and Testing
Brenda Higginbotham
  • Paul L. Foster Success Center
Jayne Tooker
  • Baylor Career Center
  • Career Management Office
Patricia Pack
  • Mayborn Museum
Nikki Odermann
  • Institute for Faith and Learning
Gabe Garcia
  • Texas Hunger Initiative
University Research Administrator Various (click for list)
HCM Specialist Kirk Hatcher (Office of the Provost)
Maggin Morgan