Ignite Roles Summary

There are new roles that come about as a result of the Ignite implementation. Look to see who is performing these roles in your division.
Ignite Role Details

graphical representation of employee
  • All faculty, staff, graduate assistants, student workers, Post Docs, contingent workers, and academic affiliates
Who can they support in Ignite?
  • Themselves
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Manage personal information
  • Elect and update benefits
  • Manage performance evaluation and check-ins
  • View pay slip/ pay stub
  • Update pay-related information (W-4, bank info, etc.)
  • View absence balances
  • Submit and edit an absence request
  • Attach/ submit documentation
  • Enter and submit time worked (check in and check out)
  • Submit service request such as system problems or questions to askHR
Supervisors (Line Managers)

graphic representation of supervisors
  • Any individual faculty or staff member who as at least one direct report (including student employees and graduate students)
Who can they support in Ignite?
  • Direct reports
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Manage:
    • Organization, team, and performance goals
    • Participate in staff performance process
    • Submit employee performance improvement plan
    • Submit employee merit recommendation
  • Review/ Approve/ Reject:
    • Employee Absence Requests
    • Employee timesheets
    • Employee individual development goals
    • Employee registration for professional development

graphical representation of shopper
  • Any faculty or staff who can access the Marketplace
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Shop for supplies and other items via Marketplace catalogs
  • Request contracts and check-ins
  • Create and manage a purchase order
Human Capital Management (HCM) Specialist

graphical representation of human capital management
  • Designated HR staff who are assigned to the divisional units in order to process personnel related transactions
Who can they support in Ignite?
  • Business Officer
  • Division and Department Approvers
  • URAs
  • HRCs
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Manage costing allocations
  • Support and assist with leave requests
  • Submit vacant job openings to recruiters to post
  • Process hires, assignment updates, salary changes, and transfers/exits
  • Affirm, update, and maintain data related to transactions
Human Resources Consultant (HRC)

graphical representation of human resources consultant
  • Designated HR adviser and business partner for division, departments and employees
Who can they support in Ignite?
  • Department leadership in workforce planning and strategy
  • Divisional leadership on strategic objectives
  • Supervisors in performance management
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Review/ Approve/ Reject:
    • Hires or re-hire of employees
    • Update, addition, or end of assignments
    • Off-cycle promotions
    • Employee transfers
    • Replacement requests
  • Manage talent reviews and succession plans
  • Administer performance improvement plans
  • Administer employee investigations
University Research Administrator (URA)

graphical representation of university research administrator
  • OVPR staff serving as the institution’s administrative facilitators of research within Baylor’s colleges, schools, and units
Who can they support in Ignite?
  • Support Baylor’s research vision to become an R1/Tier 1 institution by providing faculty an administrative partnership geared toward decision support and strategic thinking
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Award Notification
  • Subcontract Initiation and Monitoring
  • Award Modifications
  • Cost Share
  • Cost Transfers
  • Award Balance Monitoring
Business Officer

graphical representation of Business Officer
  • Designated staff who leads financial and administrative operations of the division
Who can they support in Ignite?
  • Assigned Division
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Partner with HRC and HCM Specialists on faculty/staff personnel actions
  • Manage fiscal strategy for the School/Division
  • Establish and maintain administrative organizational structure
  • Implement and maintain effective internal controls and fiscal activities throughout the school/division
  • Participate in managing base pay and annual merit increase process
  • Approve transfer or promotion of an employee
  • Approve addition or end of an assignment
  • Approve non-personnel actions >$25,000 to $100,000
Division Approver

graphical representation of Division Approver
  • Designated staff who coordinate procurement transactions of $25,000 to $100,000
Who can they support in Ignite?
  • Assigned Division
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Coordinate communication regarding large procurement transactions with division leadership and shoppers
  • Support all procure-to-pay and contracting activities for designated division
  • Approve procurement transactions of $25,000 to $100,000
  • Communicate with university approvers on all procurement transactions above $100,000
Department Approver

graphical representation of Department Approver
  • Designated staff who coordinates procurement transactions up to $25,000
Who can they support in Ignite?
  • Department and Business Officer
  • All procure-to-pay and contracting shoppers for designated department
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Create, manage, and modify requisitions
  • Ensure appropriate accounting, documentation, compliance, and fund availability
  • Support all procure-to-pay and contracting activities for designated department
  • Contribute to supplier registration
  • Submit contract requests
  • Create, manage, and receive purchase orders
  • Manage and process invoices
  • Approve procurement transactions up to $25,000
Accounts Receivable (AR) Specialist

graphical representation of Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Designated staff who processes transactions miscellaneous receipts or receivables from customers
Who can they support in Ignite?
  • Business Officer and Division
What can they do in Ignite?
  • Create customer records for new customers
  • Create receipts in Ignite for amounts received from customers
  • Create deposit for cash and checks received
  • Create and review invoices for amounts receivable from customers
  • Contact customers on outstanding receivables
  • Review outstanding receivables for uncollectible amounts