FAQ Posters

Starting in January, the Ignite team began distributing posters highlighting some Frequently Asked Questions about Ignite. Hopefully, you saw them in your area of campus before Spring Break. As we are no longer able to distribute these on campus, we will now distribute them via email. We will continue to add the posters to this site as they are distributed.

FAQ Poster 1: Is the Ignite project on track, and when will I be able to see it?

FAQ Poster 2: I have heard the buzz about Ignite but I really want to know – what does the new system look like?

FAQ Poster 3: I want to better understand how my vacation and sick time will be kept in Ignite. Can I check my balance in Ignite against my leave spreadsheet?

FAQ Poster 4: I want more information about Ignite. Who can I ask?

FAQ Poster 5: How will I log into Ignite?

FAQ Poster 6: I use my phone for almost EVERYTHING! Will I be able to access Ignite from a mobile device?