Training Information

Training will be tailored to focus on what employees need to know and provided just-in-time before Ignite is released in June 2020.

Who needs training?

Ignite will be used by all Baylor faculty and staff. All employees will be provided online training, which will be tailored based on identified roles/user groups. You can learn more about these roles on this page. Many of the roles have been assigned for each college or division and are listed for your information.

What training will I need?

You can start training now! Training will be delivered online and much of it is available now. Faculty and staff who are currently infrequent users of administrative systems such as BearWeb, or BaylorCompass, will be provided the appropriate level of training to continue to execute these tasks within Ignite. Other employees whose roles fulfill operational business requirements will be provided in-depth training and other learning opportunities to gain the necessary knowledge to support Baylor. Find your role:

Training by Role