Guiding Principles

University leadership and the project team developed the following principles to guide Ignite's transformation and partnership with the wider University community.

  • Simplification & Standardization
    Moving toward improved efficiencies and standard business processes, we will change how we work. To enable the future state to meet project objectives, processes will be designed based on the out-of-the-box best practice functionality as delivered by the cloud systems.
  • Transformation
    The future state design will not be constrained by the status quo. All business processes will be "on the table" and Baylor will focus on the possible.
  • Accountable Governance
    The project and the future state operating model will have a clearly defined governance structure that is communicated university-wide. We will create a dynamic environment that embraces ongoing, meaningful change.
  • Transparency & Inclusion
    We take the needs of stakeholders seriously, and we will consider suggestions and comments from the campus community. However, there should be no expectation that any given suggestion or recommendation will be adopted.
  • Clear Communication
    We are committed to making information about this initiative available to the Baylor community during the project and after “go-live.” We will use multiple methods of communication and will keep them updated.
  • Measurable Results
    Transformed processes will be measured via qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators to track ongoing performance and identify continuous improvement efforts. We will communicate what and how we will measure.