What is Ignite?

Transforming how Baylor works

Ignite changed how Baylor works to support Illuminate, the University's new academic strategic plan. This transformation streamlines and helps standardize the university's complex processes and provides leading-edge technology to enable faculty and staff to apply more resources towards Illuminate and ultimately better serve students.

Why change?

To support Illuminate and the University's future growth

In May 2018, the Baylor Board of Regents approved Illuminate. To provide the foundation of administrative operations for Illuminate, the Board of Regents also approved funding for a new cloud-based system from Oracle to energize the transformation of Baylor’s complex administrative processes and technology to support the historic strategic plan.

Simplified, Standard Processes

Future processes based on best practice system functionality.

The Ignite implementation provided the opportunity to evaluate many processes faculty and staff perform every day across disjointed finance, human resources, budget and planning, and grants management technologies. Through system consolidation, the university simplified and standardized processes to operate more efficiently across departments and functions.

Modern Cloud Technology

Moving to the cloud streamlined and replaced many previous administrative technologies.

The university’s prior administration systems operated on aging, disjointed technology. Planning for future university growth while operating increasingly complex and dated business processes presented significant challenges for the former administrative technology.  Ignite replaced many of those systems, improving the accuracy and availability of real-time data for faculty and staff.  Baylor needed modern administrative technology to grow as a top-tier research institution.

Resource Stewardship

Future university growth is supported by transforming current inefficiencies.

Because Baylor’s former technology and processes were highly customized and difficult to maintain, they required costly resources to support software updates and academic and administrative changes. Cloud systems deliver best practice functional design, data security, and automated software updates that reduce the time and effort of university resources spent on system planning, testing, and general maintenance. Ignite improves management of administrative and IT resources, enabling more employee effort to be invested in Baylor’s mission and academic strategic plan.