Biochemist, writer about science and religion to visit Baylor, give lecture

September 15, 2010
The Baylor Society for Conversations in Religion, Ethics, and Science, the Institute for Faith and Learning, the Baylor chapter of the American Scientific Affiliation, the Department of Physics, and the Vice-Provost's Office for Research are pleased to welcome Denis Alexander, Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at St. Edmunds College, Cambridge on October 21, 2010. Dr. Alexander will offer a public lecture titled "The Dawkins Delusion: Debunking the Conflict between Science and Religion" at 7:00 p.m. in room B110 in the Baylor Sciences Building. Prior to his public lecture, he will offer a lecture to select academic departments titled "Is There an Anthropic Principle in Biology?"

Prior to his arrival at the Faraday Institute, Dr. Alexander was an open scholar at Oxford University where he read biochemistry before carrying out research for a Ph.D. in neurochemistry at the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London. He then spent fifteen years in academic positions in the Middle East, the last as associate professor of biochemistry at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon (1981-1986). Upon his return to the United Kingdom, he worked at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now Cancer Research UK), and since 1989 at The Babraham Institute where he was chair of the molecular immunology program and head of the Laboratory of Lymphocyte Signalling and Development, before leaving in 2008.

Dr. Alexander has published numerous articles and reviews, particularly in his research field of lymphocyte signalling and development, most recently in the New England Journal of Medicine. He serves as editor of the journal Science & Christian Belief and contributes papers as part of the Cambridge Papers writing group. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book Rebuilding the Matrix--Science and Faith in the 21st Century (Oxford: Lion, 2001) which provides a general overview of the science-religion debate.

More recently, he has edited Can We Know Anything? Science, Faith and Postmodernity (Leicester: Apollos, 2005), co-authored (with Bob White FRS) Beyond Belief - Science, Faith and Ethical Challenges (Oxford: Lion, 2004), published Creation or Evolution - Do We Have to Choose? (Oxford: Monarch, 2008, 4th printing 2010), and co-edited with Ronald Numbers Biology and Ideology - From Descartes to Dawkins (Chicago University Press, 2010).
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