Christianity and Islam

Christians should "think through" Islam in four ways, Mark Swanson has urged: "to think about things 'by means of' Islam; to get Islam straight in their own thinking; rigorously to interrogate and be interrogated by Islam; and to bear witness to Muslims in mutual engagement."

Our contributors explore how similar are Muslim notions of God, peace, justice, and modesty to their Christian counterparts. They ask how, in a world polarized by Western visions of empire and Islamic revivalism, we can live and communicate the Gospel over the din of politics and culture.

For instance, as we read Scripture with Jewish and Muslim friends, Kristen Lindbeck writes, we not only learn "about" but also learn "from" these Abrahamic traditions. We may broach even the hard issues among these faiths in an atmosphere of friendship, humility, and mutual respect.

The study guides and lesson plans integrate Bible study, prayer, and worship to help us explore fruitful new avenues of engagement between Christianity and Islam. The guides can be used in a series or individually. You may download and reproduce them for personal or group use.

Download the entire Christianity and Islam issue and the set of six Study Guides. Or, download individual pieces by clicking the titles below.



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Inspirational Pieces

Book Reviews

  • "Questions Rooted in Faith and History," by Kurt J. Werthmuller
    • Rollin Armour, Islam, Christianity, and the West: A Troubled History
    • Gary Burge, Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians
  • "First Steps in Understanding," by Dale F. Walker
    • John Esposito Islam: The Straight Path
    • Ronald E. Miller, Their Faith and Feeling: An Introduction to Islam
    • Sayyed Hossein Nasr, Islam: Religion, History, and Civilization

Study Guides and Lesson Plans (Download the set of six Study Guides)

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