Lori Kanitz

Lori Kanitz
Assistant Director of the Institute for Faith and Learning
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Lori Kanitz (B. A. University of Oklahoma; M. A. Durham University, Durham, England; Ph.D. University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland) is assistant director of the Institute for Faith and Learning.

Dr. Kanitz formerly served as Associate Professor of English and chair of the English and Modern Languages Department at Oral Roberts University. Her teaching responsibilities included courses on theology and the arts, honors composition, and senior paper research. As a member of the Honors Program faculty, she also regularly lectured in interdisciplinary courses such as “Faith and Civilization” and “Philosophy of Science.” Dr. Kanitz has also held various administrative positions in which she worked extensively with university faculty in the areas of integration of faith and learning, writing across the curriculum, and general education.

Her research interests center on the intersections between theology, literature, and language theory, particularly the epistemology of metaphor. Her doctoral dissertation focused on ways Jewish mysticism informs author Annie Dillard’s theological approach to creation, evil, suffering, and redemption. Dr. Kanitz also regularly presents to both scholarly and lay audiences on the role of metaphor in contemporary science and faith debates. Her work has been published in Christian Higher Education, the Encyclopedia of Christian Literature, and Last Things: Essays on Ends and Endings (Peter Lang, 2015).