Crane Scholars Program: Additional Information

Who Was William Carey Crane?

William Carey Crane, the fourth president of Baylor, was the best prepared, most widely read Baylor educator before the twentieth century. As a young man, he dedicated his life to the church and to Baptist higher education. Classically trained at some of the country’s finest institutions, he was respected for his intelligence, erudition, and energy by political, religious, and educational leaders in Texas and beyond. A tireless worker, Crane virtually single-handedly saved Baylor from extinction during the dark days of the Civil War and Reconstruction. When not lecturing, writing, and speaking, he mended fences, painted buildings, and performed other menial tasks around Baylor. At night he tutored African-American students over his kitchen table. An eloquent speaker, Crane spoke regularly at churches, government bodies, teachers’ conventions, and private organizations in addition to giving daily class lectures. A prolific writer, he wrote volumes of material that are now contained in the Texas Collection.

Familiar with the best English literature, philosophy, science, theological and biblical work of his day, Carey sought to relate the best of human learning to the best of the Christian faith. It is fitting, then, to honor William Carey Crane by identifying him as a model for today’s Christian scholars at Baylor. The William Carey Crane Scholars Program endeavors to inspire young scholars to follow Crane’s example of rigorous scholarship in service to the church. As the inscription on his tombstone reads, “He gave his life for the cause of education and religion.”


Program Activities

  • Friday Symposium: Students gather in the homes of faculty leaders several times during the semester for dinner and discussion that focuses on the relationship between the life of the mind and Christian faith.
  • Conference Participation: Students periodically participate in conferences exploring faith and learning at Baylor as well as programs sponsored by peer institutes and centers. Students also may apply for support to attend academic conferences where they will present their own scholarly work.
  • Annual Spring Retreat: Crane Scholars gather each Spring for a weekend retreat off campus, featuring shared worship, dining, recreation, and presentations from invited scholars that address the nature and importance of Christian vocation in the academy and beyond.
  • On-campus lectures: Selected lectures featuring both members of Baylor’s faculty and other institutions are chosen for group attendance.
  • Book provision: Crane Scholars are provided books at no cost to themselves for use in group discussions.


Qualifications for Entrance into the Program

Since it is the express purpose of this program to prepare young scholars for entrance into the best graduate schools, only the finest students at Baylor may enter the program. Students must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5. Students also must demonstrate an interest in faith-informed scholarship.


Program Leaders

Dr. Charity Anderson
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Junior Class Co-Leader

Dr. Todd Buras
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Junior Class Co-Leader

Dr. Darin Davis
Clinincal Associate Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Honors Program
Director, Institute for Faith and Learning

Dr. Michael Foley
Associate Professor of Patristics, Honors College
Junior Class Co-Leader

Dr. Nathan Hays
Project Coordinator, Institute for Faith and Learning
Sophomore Class Co-Leader

Dr. Rebecca Poe Hays
Assistant Professor of Christian Scriptures, George W. Truett Theological Seminary
Sophomore Class Co-Leader

Dr. Jill Klentzman
Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Sophomore Class Co-Leader

Dr. Scott Moore
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Great Texts
Senior Class Co-Leader

Dr. Michael Stegemoller
Harriette L. and Walter G. Lacy Chair of Banking and Finance
Senior Class Co-Leader and Co-Director

Dr. Jason Whitt
Senior Lecturer of Medical Humanities in the Honors Program
Faculty Steward, Honors Residential College
Sophomore Class Co-Leader and Co-Director


For Further Information...

Contact Dr. Darin Davis by calling 254-710-4850 or email