Conferences and Symposiums

As part of its contribution to Baylor University and the larger academic community, the Institute for Faith and Learning plans and directs a variety of conferences. Though oriented toward different audiences, these conferences feature Christian intellectual life as relevant to significant questions in academe and the wider culture.

The Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture seeks to address any significant person, problem, text, or question, and to do so in a way that constructively appropriates Christian faith and intellect in relation to the selected topic.
Photo of Medical Ethics Seminar
The Baylor Medical Ethics Seminar seeks to provide a forum for physicians and other health care professionals to come together in conversation about the ways in which shared Christian faith might speak to the contemporary ethical challenges in the practice of medicine.
Photo of the Bailey Family Lecture Series
The Bill and Roberta Bailey Family Lecture in Christian Ethics features a scholar of significant stature to speak on some issue or question that arises from within the Christian moral tradition. The annual lecture is open to the Baylor and Waco community as a way of encouraging shared reflection about Christian conceptions of the moral life.