Confidentiality Agreement

The members of the Vice Provost for Global Engagement Search Committee will conduct their efforts within the parameters of the following confidentiality agreement:

In consideration of my designation as a member of the Baylor University Vice Provost for Global Engagement Search Committee (hereinafter Search Committee) and the resulting access I will have to confidential information and materials related to the search, and with full knowledge of the critical importance of the principle of confidentiality to the integrity and success of the search process, I hereby agree:

  1. That the deliberations of the Search Committee and any and all information, whether oral or in the form of papers, books, files, documents, electronic communications, or in any other form or format, which comes into my possession or knowledge in my capacity as a Search Committee member and relates to the search and the work of the Search Committee, is confidential other than information that is or becomes publicly known other than through my disclosure.
  2. That I will not, unless legally compelled, in any form or manner, directly or indirectly, divulge, disclose, or communicate such confidential information to any person, firm, corporation, or other entity, other than a Search Committee member or a person otherwise designated by the Chair of the Search Committee to receive such confidential information.
  3. That all contacts with the media, and any contact with other third parties in which confidential information will be disclosed, shall be conducted either by, or with the specific prior authorization of, the Chair of the Search Committee.
  4. That the obligation to maintain confidentiality described in the above paragraphs exists both during the period that the Search Committee is active and at any and all times thereafter.
  5. That a breach of confidentiality, in addition to possibly compromising the search process, could lead to my removal as a member of the Search Committee, as well as potentially making me subject to invasion of privacy claims and/or defamation claims.