About the Search Process

The search will progress through several phases:
  • The initial tasks of the search committee will be to draft a position announcement that describes the characteristics sought in a new Vice Provost, and with the assistance of Baylor's faculty, staff, students, and alumni, to begin to build a deep and diverse pool of potential prospects.
  • The search committee will then work to assess the credentials of prospective Vice Provost prospects. Promising prospects will be invited for preliminary, confidential, off-site interviews. In order to maximize the chances of developing a strong a pool of prospects, the work of the committee and the identity of potential prospects will be strictly confidential. To this end, search committee members will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Following these preliminary interviews, the committee will identify finalists to invite to campus. At this point, the process will become more open. Final candidates will interview with appropriate constituencies in a manner to be determined by the Provost and the search committee.
  • The final stages of the search will again be strictly confidential, as the committee considers feedback from all those who will have met with the final candidates and makes its recommendations to the Provost. The Provost will make a final decision in consultation with the President, and they will jointly recommend the chosen candidate to the Board of Regents for ratification.