Instructional Collaborations

Baylor University collaborates with higher education institutions and other entities to support its academic mission through various types of arrangements, including cooperative academic agreements, internship placement agreements, study abroad agreements, and transfer articulation agreements. The listing below reflects written cooperative academic agreements where Baylor awards credits for coursework that includes contributions from other institutions or entities.

US Accredited Institutions

Collaborator   Summary   % of Program   PrimaryInstMethod   Student Cost

Xavier University   The agreement allows for students from both universities to take courses at each other's campuses during the spring term   <25%   in person   Travel costs and personal expenses- including textbooks.

International Institutions

Baylor has an extensive network of collaborations with institutions around the world to facilitate in-person study abroad and exchange experiences comprising <25% of a degree program. The Center for Global Engagement has a separate website called BearsAbroad (linked here) that contains detailed information about the programs, instruction, and costs associated with each institution. 

Other Entities

Collaborator   Summary   % of Program   PrimaryInstMethod   Student Cost

U.S. Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE)   MEDCoE provides military students access to graduate healthcare-related programs offered at military bases/medical centers under Baylor affiliated faculty   <25%   in person   No additional cost

Universal Flight Concepts (UFC)   UFC provides aircraft, access to airport facilities, and FAA rated instructors for delivering 6 flight courses which account for 10 SCH of the 124 SCH required for the B.S. in Aviation Sciences program.   <25%   in person   Flight training costs are available on program website

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