General Education Assessment

Beginning in 2006, a task force began working to more clearly define a common set of qualities that all undergraduate students should develop regardless of their program of study. These general education outcome areas have become known as the “Four Cs” and are listed below.

  • Christian Perspective: Baylor graduates can demonstrate knowledge of the Christian scriptures and Christian heritage that enables participation in discourse from a Christian perspective. 
  • Civic Engagement: Baylor graduates are able to demonstrate an understanding of the challenges of a global society with a commitment to social and civic responsibility and service among diverse communities. 
  • Communication: Baylor graduates communicate effectively and clearly, both in writing and in speaking, in a manner appropriate to the subject, occasion, and audience. 
  • Critical Thinking: Baylor graduates are expected to be proficient in evaluating evidence, articulating arguments, justifying conclusions, and identifying and presenting multiple perspectives.

These four outcome areas are developed across courses and experiences located in degree core requirements, academic majors, and co-curricular activities. The General Education Assessment Committee serves (1) to define the college-level competencies expected of all Baylor graduates; and (2) to assess the extent to which graduates have attained these competencies.

General Education Assessment Resources:

Below are some useful resources to help units across the institution measure their students’ development of these competencies. The resulting data can then be used to inform decisions and actions that seek improvement in student learning and development.

AAC&U VALUE Rubric Development Project [web]

AAC&U VALUE Rubric Download Page [web]


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