Administrative Unit Assessment

For the last ten years, Baylor has utilized the Judicious Stewardship and Institutional Effectiveness (JSIE) report to facilitate annual planning, assessment, and improvement in administrative units. In 2018, our institutional accreditor, SACSCOC, changed their requirement for administrative assessment to focus more on alignment of unit goals/outcomes with the institutions strategic plans and budgeting.

The administrative assessment process now involves:

  • Establishing goals or expected outcomes
  • Identifying meaningful measures and expected performance targets
  • Reporting results in relation to the performance targets
  • Aligning outcomes with strategic plans and budgets

Annual Assessment Reports

Each academic year, the university goes through a cycle of assessment reports, performance appraisals, and budgeting. To assist in the transition to the new 2018 reporting standards, we have designed the AIM Report Template. It functions as an executive summary or cover page that highlights important elements of the new requirements, but also allows departments to attach the format of report submitted in the past. Our goal is to have a smooth transition that keeps assessment Missional, Meaningful, and Manageable. Additional thought should be given on how annual performance appraisal goals in COMPASS and departmental budgeting processes align with the annual assessment report


Administrative Outcome Overview [pdf]

AIM Report Template [doc]

Strategic Goal Alignment [pdf]

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