EthicsPoint: Anonymous Reporting


EthicsPoint is an anonymous, confidential hotline/website to report issues for investigation. The issues are sent directly to the Director of Internal Audit for review. EthicsPoint 866-384-4277 (toll-free) the hotline is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

All reports received via EthicsPoint are reviewed. While we encourage you to report concerns through your management structure or to Human Resources, we realize this may not always be possible in your situation so EthicsPoint is another reporting option. Baylor guarantees that reports received via EthicsPoint will be handled promptly and discreetly. No retaliatory actions will be taken against anyone for reporting in good faith potential violations of university policy or suspected or actual wrongful conduct.

When you submit a report in EthicsPoint, provide as much information as possible. Remember, you have specific knowledge of the situation that may not be apparent to the person who will review and investigate the concern. A proper investigation cannot take place without sufficient information. While EthicsPoint is anonymous, you may choose to leave your name or contact information for the investigator to discretely contact you with additional questions.

About the hotline

  • There is no caller id; calls cannot be traced
  • EthicsPoint operates the hotline, not Baylor

About the Website

  • The website is administered by EthicsPoint, not Baylor
  • The website allows you to create a user id/password to
    • log-in and review the status of your report;
    • provide additional information or upload documents; and
    • log-in to an anonymous chat area to provide more detailed information.

Please contact the Director of Internal Audit if you have questions regarding EthicsPoint.