Breakout 7

Wednesday, 4:45pm-5:45pm


Theology, Ecology, and Food Justice

Jenny Howell, Ph.D., Baylor's George W. Truett Theological Seminary

The mission of Baylor University is to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community. In recognition of this mission, Truett Seminary, in partnership with BCHP and World Hunger Relief Inc., has recently launched the Theology, Ecology, and Food Justice program, which examines the complex and interrelated challenges posed by poverty, ecological degradation, and food insecurity through theological, biblical, and interdisciplinary studies. In this session, Dr. Jenny Howell will share the basic principles guiding this innovative work. 

Location: Second Floor, Beckham


Media Training for Non-Profits, School District Personnel, and Other Organizations

Tariq Thowfeek, Seeker Strategies

Manny Garcia, Seeker Strategies

Perry Osattin, Seeker Strategies

Bailey Schumm, Seeker Strategies

Cliff Walker, Seeker Strategies

At some point, almost everyone involved in work to address food insecurity will be asked to engage with a print or broadcast reporter. Yet we often find ourselves flat footed in these settings where we have had little, if any, preparation for. In this session, the team from Seeker Strategies, a Black and Brown-owned advocacy and communications firm, will provide basic tools for interviews, reaching out to reporters, and getting your message across in a way that is helpful to both your organization and the public. 

Location: Second Floor, Baines


Addressing Gaps Through Coordinated Care Networks 

Rondel Youngblood, Unite Us 

Have you ever gone home at night wondering if your client received all the help they needed? Unite Us’ shared technology platform works in real time with health and social care providers to support the complex needs of local individuals and families. The network contains partners who provide a broad range of services such as employment, food assistance, behavioral health, utilities, and more. Our coordinated care networks provide robust community-wide data to better understand the needs of the community and address gaps in service to fulfill those needs. 

Location: Third Floor, Lipscomb


Building Food System Resilience to Disasters: An Equity-Centered Planning Guide for Local Governments and their Partners 

Elsie Moore, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Natural and human-made disasters can severely impact food systems and food security. This session will focus on the role of local governments in helping to strengthen food system resilience and build equitable and just food systems before, during, and after disruptive events. The session will share findings from a collaborative Community of Practice that included representatives from five cities in the United States and researchers from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and Center for Applied Public Research. 

Location: Third Floor, Claypool


Participant Insights from a Qualitative Study of the 2020 Emergency Meals-to-You Project 

Dr. Sara Dye, Baylor University 

Courtney Haworth, Baylor University 

This session will explore the results of a qualitative study of BCHP’s Emergency Meals-to-You (eMTY) project that delivered nearly 40 million meals to over 270,000 children from April to August 2020. You will “hear” directly from the households who were interviewed; learning their stories and understanding how these families experienced the pandemic and the eMTY project. Attendees will gain an understanding of the eMTY project, engage with case studies from the qualitative study, and explore implications for future research. 

Location: Third Floor, Cowden




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