Breakout 5

Wednesday, 1:45pm-2:45pm


Giving Second Chance Breakfast a First Chance 

Maggie Kennedy, Spring Branch ISD 

An experienced Child Nutrition Director who has had success implementing multiple Alternative Service Models for breakfast will share data, best practices, and methods for overcoming objections when shifting to a Second Chance Breakfast opportunity.  

Location: Second Floor, Beckham


Waivers Work! Increasing Access to School Meals During the Covid Pandemic 

Darin Crawford, Cypress Fairbanks ISD

Suzy Hunter, Cypress Fairbanks ISD 

This session will focus on how one school district effectively utilized COVID waivers to increase meal participation and support their children and communities. A comparison of student performance before and after the waivers were implemented will also be discussed. 

Location: Second Floor, Baines


Identifying, Ranking and Prioritizing Strategies for Strengthening Food System Resilience 

Dr. Benjamin Ryan, Baylor University 

This session will explore the food system resilience scorecard developed by Baylor University, which has been endorsed and reviewed by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN. It was developed and funded by the United States Department of Agriculture as part of the Meals-to-You summer rural meal delivery project managed by the Baylor Collaborative, and was complemented by an international peer-review process. This method is aligned with the UN Making Cities Resilient 2030 campaign and provides an opportunity to explore issues more deeply while developing scalable strategies reflecting community needs for strengthening food systems. 

Location: Third Floor, Lipscomb


Collateral Consequences of Incarceration 

Dr. Sara Dye, Baylor University 

Hear from Dr. Sara Dye as she provides local and national insight on the status of incarceration, with specific regard to food insecurity, social and other health outcomes faced by formerly incarcerated individuals. 

Location: Third Floor, Claypool


Food Insecurity and Migration in Central America 

Dr. Victor Hinojosa, Baylor University 

Dr. Matthew Whelan, Baylor University 

This session explores the links between food insecurity and migration from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to the United States. Grounded in their research, Drs. Hinojosa and Whelan call for scalable, localized programs to create conditions where people can live in safety and dignity in their communities, and for multilateral approaches to manage migration when those conditions are not met. 

Location: Third Floor, Cowden



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