Anne MacDonald

Anne MacDonald serves as Edelman Global Advisory's U.S. Executive Vice President and Senior Policy Strategist, helping Fortune 100 corporations prepare for and respond to geopolitical issues that could affect their brand and business. Since 2018, she has served as Edelman’s geopolitical advisor to global corporations in the food and beverage space, and leads EGA’s political risk practice. Her policy work began in the Bush Administration, where she was an appointee in the White House, Pentagon, and State Department. She also served as the post-presidency chief of staff to Mrs. Laura Bush through the launch of the Bush Presidential Center and Institute. 

Prior to rejoining the Bushes in Dallas, Anne lived and worked in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in one of the world’s first organizations dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS and a critical component of President Bush’s PEPFAR initiative, GHESKIO Centers. Anne is on the advisory board of North Avenue Capital, a bank dedicated to rural development, and is a senior advisor to the Center on Conflict and Development in the School of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M. She has served on non-profit advisory boards of organizations operating in Burma, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, and Uganda, as well as at home in Dallas. Anne is a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School (MPA) and Rhodes College (BA).

Baylor University Garland School of Social Work
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(254) 710-6900