Global Hunger & Migration Project

The Global Hunger and Migration Project (GHMP) seeks to expand the work of the Collaborative internationally by integrating research, education, policy analysis, and community engagement to effect change in the spheres of hunger and migration across the globe. The initial focus of the project is on the Central American refugee crisis. Since 2014, more than 850,000 children and families have requested asylum in the United States from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The GHMP looks specifically at the drivers of migration flows and policy responses to them. The GHMP builds teams of faculty and students who work with developing partnerships to conduct university-based research to identify promising practices and design effective interventions at each stage of the migrant journey. In August 2020, the GHMP will release its first public project in partnership with Six Foot Press: A Journey Toward Hope.

Written in collaboration with Baylor University’s GHMP, A Journey Toward Hope is a celebration of four unaccompanied migrant children who come together along the arduous journey north through Mexico to the United States border. An ode to the power of hope and connection even in the face of uncertainty and fear, this children’s book is one example of the creative research that the GHMP fosters in students. To be released on August 4, you can pre-order the book here: A Journey Toward Hope.

For more information about A Journey Toward Hope or the Global Hunger and Migration Project, email