John F. (Jeff) Tanner, Jr.

Jeff Tanner is Dean of Strome College of Business, Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, Virginia. He is author or co-author of 15 books and 80 scientific journal articles in such top journals as Journal of Marketing, Journal of Education, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and Psychological Bulletin. Dr. Tanner’s research has been supported by grants from NIH, HHS, Walmart Foundation, CEIR, TSEA and others. His work on social issues has primarily focused on challenges facing disadvantaged youth and promoting healthy choices. In addition to various research awards, he was the Society for Marketing Advances Distinguished Teacher in 2013. Dr. Tanner has served as a member of the boards for several corporations and non-profits. He and his wife, Karen, breed and race thoroughbred horses.

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Baylor University Garland School of Social Work
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Waco, Texas 76701
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